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모델 A1278, 2012년 6월 출시. Turbo Boost가있는 Intel 프로세서, 최대 512 MB DDR5 비디오 RAM

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Can someone provide me info about the backlight fuse of 829-2565-A?

I am now on my way to my first solder on a MBP logic board to bring back the backlight on my display.

Logic board is 829-2565-A. MacBook Pro 13" mid-2012 i7 2.9ghz.

I accidentally dropped something on the board while fixing the hinges and have no backlight since then.

Through multiple searches on google I found it may be caused by a blown out "P" fuse near the LVDS connector. I tested the fuse and it seems blown out (no continuity).

I found a video that explains how to replace it without any crazy specialized tool (Louis Rossman video on YouTube).

I now want to try to replace the thing but I would need some information:

- what type of stuff to use to solder?

- what is the exact type of fuse, where to buy them? (From Canada)

- pitfall to avoid

- soldering advices :)

- thoughts about other things that might have caused the backlight to stop working (just in case I tested the fuse the wrong way; things to verify before starting this whole thing)

- can a damaged LBDS cable/connector cause backlight to not work?

Thanks a lot!!

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Hi Christian,

What kind of equipment and experience you have with soldering?

First 820-2565-A is the part number for the DC-IN board (magsafe), not the logic board itself. You can find the fuse specs in the schematics of your board but usually the backlight fuse on these models is 0603 3amps.

Did you put up an ad on Kijiji about this? I sent you a message there.

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I have a radioshack soldering iron (like this https://herbanlifestyle.files.wordpress....). No real significant experience in soldering. I was willing to buy a few things to make this repair, just don't know exactly what I need.

I tried to find the schematics but don't really know where to look for it. Maybe it is because I tried using the 820... part number. I'll try again.,

I did put an ad on Kijiji. I was trying to weight in the price of this repair vs the risk and cost of doing it by myself :)

I do find this kinda work interesting so I wanted to try to repair and learn from this bad experience (if the odds are not too against me).

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