Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Device boots, however, the screen is blank and no vibrations.

Hello ifixit members,

I have an iPhone 6 Plus with some problems. Although the devices still boots and charges, the screen stays blank and the vibration motor seems to be dead.

First, some backstory:

  1. On the 8th of October, 2016, I swapped Apple's deteriorating battery with a fresh one from ifixit.
  2. On the 27th of November 2016, I drop my 6 Plus, face first, on a concrete floor, cracking the screen.
  3. I order a replacement screen from ifixit and install it. Replacement screen is bad so I cross-swap it for a good one.
  4. I install the new replacement on the 8th of December 2016. Phone is as new.
  5. On the 9th of January, I push the home button of the device to check the time. The device's screen displays an artefact for a second, then turns black but not off. I do a hard reboot but nothing gives. The device is 'dead'.

The rest:

  • That same night, I open up the device to check if any of the display assebly cables came loose from their socket. I find two screws from the screen assembly, in my phone. It seemed they were not properly secured to the replacement display assembly. Take note: I never had to touch these screws during the replacement process!
  • As I take a look at the display cables on the guard everything seems to fit nicely. I disconnect all display cables and reseat them. I close the device, and do a hard rebout. No effect.
  • In coconutBattery, no device information is displayed, yet iTunes seems to detect the iPhone and asks me to unlock device. Since the screen does not react I can't.
  • I put the phone in DFU and did a software reset. coconutBattery displays device information and charges the phone.
  • Whenever I connect the phone to the computer, it does not vibrate.
  • I was curious and decided to do some tests. I opened the device again and connected a spare battery. The screen turns on but is unresponsive to touch. The device also vibrates like crazy.
  • I reinstall the ifixit battery. No dice.
  • I try the spare battery again. No dice.
  • I reinstall the ifixit battery because the problem does seem to be electrical but not necessarily related to the battery.

Ever since I have done multiple DFU-restores, power cycles, reseating of the relevant cables etc. ...

Searching the problem and solving it...

I don't know what to do. At first I thought I had the dreaded U2 controller chip problem. That does not seems to be the case as the phone charges properly. My main two suspects:

  1. The logic board and, more specifically, the display connectors themselves or an electrical defect. (Although they look fine when I checked the with my jewellers loupe.)
  2. The display assembly, maybe it just died... I don't have the money to just buy another one and test that :(.

EDIT: The software aspect is also a bit strange... I can restore the phone to a limited degree due to the ability to DFU the device. However, when I remove the activation lock and insert a SIM, the phone does not detect the SIM. Another point for a possible logic board problem.

Can somebody help on this road to a solution?

Kind regards!


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Hi all,

I dug up my original (albeit shattered) Apple screen and installed it. The phone behaves as it should with the original display assembly. This leads me to believe that the ifxit replacement screen is ultimately faulty.

I made two short videos about it. The links are below:


I will label this question as answered as soon as I install a new screen for this device and can show you the results!

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After some troubleshooting by reinstalling my shattered original Apple screen I can confirm the display assembly was the culprit. A brand new iFixit replacement is also working... so the previous replacemet just died!

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Reading through your detailed blow by blow (awesome by the way!), the only thing that sticks out for me is some free ranging screws inside your phone. This could have caused all kinds of problems.

Are you certain there isn't another loose screw inside? The symptoms almost appear random although there is likely a root cause. I would recommend you have the phone looked at by an experienced micro-solderer so that they can eliminate modular and logic board issues at the same time.

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I carefully checked the display assembly for any other missing screws and I gave all screws on the display assembly an extra turn (if needed) just to make sure thay would stay in. All screws are accounted for. Unfortunately, I don't know any experienced micro-solderers in the region with an experience in iDevices :(.

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Sounds like it needs a dfu restore

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I have done multiple DFU restores already unfortunately.

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Maybe install a new digitizer, then put the device in dfu, then power on holding volume up and the home and lock until the apple logo comes on

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