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display is off and compressor won't run. how do I reset the display?

In the past few days my Amana refrigerator AFI2538AEQ4 display would shut off when the compressor tried to start. After a few tries the compressor would start and the display would come back on. Now the display is blank and the compressor wont run. Where do I start, is there a way to reset the display or a way to test to see if it is bad?

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mh42407, You can reset the electronic control boards on most appliances by unplugging them for a minute and plugging back in. Once reset, do you have a display? Do you have the correct voltage and polarity at the wall receptical? Do you hear a clicking sound coming from the back of refrigerator? Are the condensor coils dirty?

Does the display stay on while the compressor is trying to start?

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