Bio Ionic Ombre Flat iron overheating and temperature fluctuates

I dropped my flat iron a few times in the salon and now the preset temperature settings shoot up to 465 when its only supposed to go to 450! Also, when I select a preset temperature the iron used to automatically adjust to the desired temperature needed for the hair and now it just stays put or it would sporadically skyrocket in temperature the minute I pick it up! Please help, these are my favorite flat irons.

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It may be that the temperature sensor is faulty or loose or that the thermostat may be faulty or loose or both.

In any event the iron would have to be opened for the problem to be diagnosed and then repaired.

A reputable, professional electronics repair service should be able to do this. It might then depend on whether the parts (if necessary) are available for the repair to be completed. In some instances some manufacturers do not make the parts available. (I do not know whether Bio Ionic do or not. It is just something to be aware of)

Alternatively you could contact the manufacturer here and ask if they offer a repair service etc.

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