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iPhone rebooting after battery change


i got an iphone 5s which reboots constantly , when i checked the battery i saw that it was drained

i thought that the problem is from the battery , so i changed it

then i tried to start the iphone and it is still rebooting constantly

i tried to restart the iphone by pushing the power and home button , still reboots constantly

i also tried to restart by pushing power button and volume up , but it still reboots constantly

Then , i tried to get it on recovery mode to restore from itunes, but i couldn't , it still reboots , but here there was a red screen that shows for 1 sec at the end when it decide to reboot again , this red screen only happened here not the previous cases

i think the problem is software , can't get it on itunes mode

do you agree that it's software problem ? and can you help me please get it on itunes mode ?

thank you

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Are you saying Apple logo then off and turn on again and off?

If yes how many seconds exactly on Apple logo before it does it again?

Try DFU mode or recovery mode keep holding home button while plugged in on Apple logo to go to iTunes recovery logo screen.

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@benjamen50 thank you for your respond

yes i mean apple logo and then off and turn on again

16 seconds the logo stays on and then turn off

yes when i try to get it in iyunes mode it gives me the logo first for 16 seconds , then a red screen for 1 sec , then turn off and turn on again

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There are a few failures in the device that can cause this.

1) Battery: I know you said you replaced the battery, however, there is a chance the battery you received has gone bad.

2)Powe button short: A short circuit on the power button, may be causing it to think that it is continually being held down. Replace this component to fix that issue

3) Software: The software may have become corrupt. Put the device into DFU mode, and reload the software.

-a) Unplug the battery.

-b) Plug the device in to the PC, and replug in the battery after

-c) Press/Hold power button until Apple Logo arrives.

-d) Continue holding the power button, and hold the Home button until apple logo disappears

-e) Let go of the power button, but keep holding the home button until compute begins installing drivers

-f) follow instructions on iTunes to reload software

4) Modular Short: A short circuit on a modular component may be causing confusion in the voltage levels of the devices. Try removing everything besides the required components for boot, (Screen, Power button, and battery) If that doesnt fix it, swap the power button, with charge port, and try booting it by plugging in the device.

5) Motherboard: The mainboard is your last possible failure. Check for any physical damage under a microscope (Suggested 10X). if none is found you likely have an internal failure of an IC, and it would be more likely that replacing the device is your last option.

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hey Scott , thats a great feedback ,thank you

i unplugged the battery , connected the phone the pc , then connected the battery again , but before i press the power button , the iphone turns on , its probably a short in power button right ?

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not really. the device, once battery plugged in is reading the power from the port, and booting it, as apple has designed it to do. in this case, you need to hold the button down, AS you plug it in. this was my fault in generalizing the statement for all devices. apple is slightly different.

Hold power//Plug in/// wait for apple/// Hold home button///wait for black///release power/// wait for device Driver install.

the way to see short in power, is to plug battery in, While NOT plugged in, as long as you have enough battery juice to boot device. if it boots without power being pressed, its a short in the power button.

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oh it's ok

i did as you said , pressed the power button as i was plugging to pc , but it still reboots

also when i plug the battery , without plugging to pc , it doesn't turn on till i press the power button , so it's not shorted

and i tried the battery on another iphone 5s and it works fine

i will try to check the motherboard and also unplugging all except the screen , power and home

thank you so much

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Last time I got red screen was because of the front camera assembly going bad. So I recommend you have the front camera cable unplugged before you try turning the phone on again if you get turn on and off red screen on shut off. If not try unplugging anyway.

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