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iPhone 5s Stuck in a loop between charging symbol and Apple logo

i dropped my phone on the carpet about a foot..when i went to pick it up and turn it on it was black it wouldnt turn on.. it seemed to shut off completely.

i then plugged my charger in and it showed the battery logo and then apple logo..this loop continued for a few minutes and then started up... but...later when i unplugged the charger the phone immediately shut off and was black and the home button, no buttons would work.

i then plugged in the charger again and the battery symbol and apple logo began showing and running on a loop and its been running on a loop for hours and the phone never starts up. as soon as i unplug the charger from the phone the phone seems to go dead or shuts off..

is there a reason why its on a loop?..could it be the battery? i need to replace it?

ive tired a soft reset, hard reset, and nothing works..only activity i see is when i plug it in the charger and its on this continuous loop between the battery symbol and then the apple symbol.

is it trying to start up but cant because of the battery? ive left it in the charger overnight and its still on the loop.

is it the battery?.. HELP...any info would be appreciated!

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This could be caused by either a partially disconnected (or bad) battery or a damaged charging circuit. Even though it didn't fall from high, if it lands the wrong way or on multiple occasions over time, then this kind of problem can occur.

I would encourage you to open your device following this guide. Be very careful of the screws and their proper placements.

Do a good visual inspection of the logic board and the connectors. Look for missing parts, especially near the battery connector. There are critical components there that are tiny (0.5 x 1 mil, or thousandths of an inch).

You need to replace the battery with a known-good battery. Buying a battery does not make it known-good as there are many poor quality batteries on the market. iFixit sells good quality batteries but even they are not 100% (sorry guys!).

If the battery doesn't solve your problem, then changing the Lightning Port is next. It is between the battery and the charger, so to speak, so it could be causing the issues. Again, there a lots of low-quality "small parts" on the market and buying it "new" does not mean it works.

If all of that does not solve the problem, then you probably have a logic board failure that was caused by the impact. In that case, you will need to find an experienced micro-soldering repair shop to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

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thank you...i will try to have the battery replaced and see if that fixes it...if not i will move on to your other suggestions!

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