Released in North America in November 2006.

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Why does my wii keeps ejecting my discs? How do I fix it?

I put the disk in. The wii ejects it after a few seconds. It then attempts to suck it back in followed shortly by an eject again and it doesn't suck it in again.

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thank you!! this is a perfect question! my wii has the same problem!

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Hey mate, have you tried inserting different discs? Sometimes this issue can be caused by one faulty disk. If not, you might have a disc drive read error.

This is almost always a hardware issue. If the Wii is now out of warranty, this is what you can do, and works most times. Open the Wii up and remove the disc drive. Now open the disc drive casing and check for any foreign objects in it (e.g. coins, bugs, plastic etc). Next, clean the disc drive with compressed air and also clean the laser lens. To do this, first spray it with compressed air to remove any large build ups of dust etc. Next you'll need to use a cotten bud and rubbing/isopropyl alcohol, and clean the lens that way.

This guide should help you do this repair Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Lens Replacement

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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I just tried this procedure and it had no effect. I suspect that the drive is not spinning the discs at all which is causing the system to automatically eject. If the disc won't spin, does the entire drive need replacing or just one of its components?

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I just used a mini vacuum on my wii and it must have eliminated some dust in the way. Thanks!!!!

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(Looking at the front of the wii once the cover is off) There is a moving white bracket that should engage the gears the spinning white gear. For some reason the pulling power of these gears acting on the bracket is not enough to collapse the cd on the disk spinner. The motor will not start if the disk is not collapsed into place properly. The will eject disk and try a second time. Root problem is gears acting on white bracket to cause disk to sit properly.

Update (09/20/2018)

Bracket and gears im referring to are on the forward right side of wii

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So what is the fix of the white bracket not being able to drop the cd?

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