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Why wont my iPod stay on for more than 15 seconds?

My ipod wont stay on for more than 15 seconds. It flashes white then turns off and then immediately the apple logo shows and it turns back on! And then after approx 15 seconds the same thing happens again...its continuously turning on and off by itself. Is there anything I can do besides for replacing the iPod?

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@jfm , Jelly Fish , A few things you can try. Ensure the device is fully charged, try another charger/cord or perhaps charge from computer and then try.

Try a reset, Press and hold the hold button (in the top right corner) and the home button (on the bottom front) at the same time. When the screen goes dark, let go of both buttons. In few seconds, the Apple logo should appear, nano is restarting. Then it should go back to the main screen.

Still not working you can connect to iTunes to restore. See the link below for complete details/warnings on restoring your iPod. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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