The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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machine shakes real hard

why does my machine shake so harde?

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The washer must be level or it will shake. So that is the first place to start, before you assume anything is wrong with the washer. For this you will need a level or if you don't have a level, a measuring cup filled to some specific line with water. The rear legs on your model of washer are self leveling/adjusting. Put a blanket down on the ground in front of the washer and a couple of thicker books about 26" from the front of the washer. Tip the washer on to it's front panel, resting on the books. Check the rear legs to see if they move freely, if they do put some white lithium grease on the angled leg guides on the back of the washer. If they don't take a hammer and hit the one furthest out, that should free them up. Then put some white lithium grease on the legs slanted guides on the back of the machine. From there screw the front legs in most of the way and even. This machine does not come apart in a manner which most people would try. It is best to check the springs mentioned by Gil Self while the machine is in this position, on it's front. There are 3 thick horizontal thick springs mounted to brackets and the tub support plate which is parallel to the bottom of the tub. There is 1 long thin spring that runs from the rear of the tub plate to the bottom rear frame of the washer. If any of these springs are broken they will need replaced. The only spring that can be reasonably reattached or replaced with out disassembling the washer is the long thin one. I've repaired over 1000 of these washers and have seen only 2 that had problems with the 3 horizontal thicker springs. Now it is time to put the washer on its feet again.

Process of Leveling rear legs.

After it is on it's feet, open the washer lid. Grab the inner front part of the chassis exposed by the open lid with both hands. Tilt the washer forward towards you and gently put it back on it down.This will level the rear legs. Leaving only the front legs needing to be adjusted.

Process of leveling front legs.

If you have a level I am assuming you know how to use it. If you don't take your measuring cup and put it on top of the washer in front of the lid (the lid is not a level surface). Look at how the water is tilted in the measuring cup that will tell you what leg in the front needs raised a little as the water will be lower on that side of the cup(note: You will be lowering this leg to raise the washer.). Remove the cup from the washer and put it where it can easily be reached again. To adjust move one of the books in front of the washer, push the washer back so the front legs are off the ground, with your foot slide the book just barely under the washer. Let the washer down on the book. Now you can get to the leg with a wrench. With the wrench lower the leg that needs lowered to where you judge it needs to be for the washer to be level. Push the washer back, move the book from underneath it with you foot, gently set the washer down. Return the measuring cup/level to it's previous position. Check your work. Then relevel the rear legs. Repeat until you are satisfied the washer is level.

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Does it shake without anything inside of it? If so it sounds like it's a balancing issue and you can try leveling it. If it is level you can also try shifting it slightly while it is running and see if that helps.

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If it shakes with nothing in it.

And when everything is stopped does the tub seem to be shifted forward ?

Pull the one piece front / side / top cover off

At the base of the tub there are several springs some mounted almost horizontal check that they are all in place both ends of spring, they are probably ok they are fairly big springs. Next look for a smaller but longer spring hanging down at the back, one end probably the bottom has come loose. It stabalizes the tub support plate to the machine frame. If its not broken re-attach and put it all back together-- the tip-off is the tub is shifted forward and when it fills it looks like the water might be going down the back of the tub.


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