No power when LCD is connected

Hello I have this strange problem with my iMac 2009 model.. When the LCD is not connected the indicator lights come ON and it powers up with the fans running. But when I connect an LCD the iMac does not turn ON. There is not even the first light to suggest it is getting power. I have tested the LCD on another iMac and its working fine. I have changed the power supply board and LCD board but still no luck.

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Could you please give us exact model, size, processor, and model number?

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Just to add. When connect the power, the number indicator light comes on which means the iMac is getting power. But when I push the ON button, the light goes off and it does not turn ON.

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it is iMac 27 " 1312

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processor is intel I5 2.66GHz

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I would have said maybe the main logic board is bad but I connected it to an external monitor without the LCD connected and its working.

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@talkit sounds like your panel is shortening out. Check your cables and definitely the connector.

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