Get pop-up window from saying virus infected. Why?

This is 4th time I've received a large pop up window saying my Android LG Pad 8.3 is heavily damaged by Four virus and my tablet is 28.1% damaged from visiting adult sites. I do not visit adult sites, actually very few sites at all. It also says install Applock for free on Google Play. Is this legit? Thanks for any help!

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You either have malware installed on your phone or perhaps a virus.

Download, install and then run the following two apps. They are both free to use.

This one will check for viruses.

This one will check for malware.

There are other A/V and anti malware apps available if these don't suit you. Just search online.

If you are happy with the A/V (whichever one you choose to use) leave it installed as it will prevent viruses being installed in the future.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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