How to replace, asus vivotab smart, micro charging port

how to replace, asus vivotab smart, micro charging port

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@wolfmanboreal , Joel, Below find a link #1 to the VivoTab teardown and Link #2 to the micro charging port if needed. You may be able to resolder the old USB port if it had just come loose from board and is undamaged.

This is really not a job for the beginner, It takes skill and finesse to remove old and resolder this small of part with out damaging/burning surrounding area on the board. Link #3 will show the removal and installation of a charge port(not you exact device), but will show what is involved in case you would like to give it a go.

Link #4 New board assy. $11.49 with charge port installed is another way you may want to consider going. You can also do a search for better pricing perhaps. Always ensure parts are correct for your device before ordering.

Asus VivoTab Smart Teardown

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