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no display on dell laptop

why does my laptop turn on but just the background lights on the lcd go on. there is no display even on a external monitor

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If there is no video display on either the external monitor or the laptop's screen then there is a problem with the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit)on the motherboard or the motherboard itself.

In your laptop I think it is an ATI Mobility FireGL V3100 w/ 64MB VRAM. GPU. I'm not sure if it is socketed into the motherboard or hardmounted. Either way the laptop will have to be opened and the GPU inspected.

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll down to the section titled System Board. Here is describes the necessary pre-requisites and then the procedure in removing the systemboard so that the GPU can be either replaced (hopefully) or if not then the systemboard (motherboard) needs to be replaced.

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