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BLU Pure XL Won't Connect to Network?

In August 2016 I bought an unlocked BLU Pure XL and it seem to be all fine until three months ago. When my service provider "Wind Mobile Canada" changed to "Freedom Mobile" instead, it kept disconnecting from the network in certain areas or says "Home (mobile data connection only)" including in my neighbourhood, which is really inconvenient since no one can call my cell phone when I'm home. It seems to have good network connection in certain areas though.

I know that Wind/Freedom is known to have a limit map coverage, but before I've always had connection at home, where I live is within the coverage map still and my sister who's with the same network and lives with me also has fine network connection.

Freedom Mobile has already given me two new SIM cards, I've trouble shouted using many methods such as checking if the SIM is on, disconnecting and reconnecting and checking for system updates. I've edited my APN settings to Freedom Mobiles multiple times, tried to connect to another network operator.

I'm thinking about changing providers, but they said the problem might be the phone itself too. Also not the mention other phone providers are rip offs in Canada. I'm wondering if there's any last thing I can do?

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As you have only had the phone since Aug '16 and as there is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the phone I suggest that that you first verify the purchase date printed on the sales receipt for the phone.

If the phone is still with in manufacturer's warranty period, consult the warranty statement in the documentation that came with the phone as to what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If you cannot find the documentation, search online for Blu Pure XL warranty for the information as to what to do reagarding warranty claims, as it varies depending on your location

Update (02/19/2017)


If your sister is using the same network and also lives at the same address, (presumably she has a different make and model phone or better still she has the same as you) and has no phone problems, then it seems as though the problem is pointing to being with your phone.

You haven't got it in a protective case or anything like that, that may be interfering with the signal to the phone perhaps? You might be living in a weak signal spot and something like that could just be just enough to lower the signal to not being able to be detected. (I know that I live in a weak signal spot, 2 houses up my phone goes from 1 bar to 4 bars, 2 houses down it goes from 1 bar to 3 bars, no tall trees, no power lines, no tall buildings in sight, not inside but out in the middle of the street, go figure).

My only suggestion is to now see if you can get the same brand phone as your sister (if it is different) and try that as you know that it will work. As your phone does work you should be able to sell it to recoup some of the cost of buying the new phone.

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Thanks for the reply jayeff ,

Unluckily I no longer have warranty on the device (it was only 3 months) since I didn't buy it directly from BLU but refurbished from a seller in store.

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