A1708 / EMC 3071—2016년 11월 출시, 이 MacBook Pro 13”는 OLED Touch Bar를 소개합니다. 듀얼-코어 "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU 및 Thunderbolt 3 포트 4 개 포함.

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How to remove the right shift key?

Some coffee was spilled on my 2016 MBP the right (long) shift key became quite mushy. I want to remove it to clear it but I really don't want to break it.

Is there a picture of the inside of it or any info how to remove it?

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Key mechanism is very similar to 12" Retinas, due to the butterfly mechanism. Usually, the keys are held to the mechanism in the 4 corners of the key, use some tweezers to unclip it. Bare in mind however, it can be very easy to damage the holding clips on the key cap or the mechanism itself (even if you just pull the key off, have this happen randomly on the older models sometimes), and there are no key caps or keyboards available on this model yet. If you break it, you are stuck without a key, so I would recommend doing it once keyboards and keys are available (probably 2-3 months time).

See step 21 here for a picture of the key mechanism (should be no different for touch bar version) MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys Late 2016 Teardown

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I managed to remove some keys (the ones that are shown in the ifixit teardown).

The right shift key is different. The four clips can be removed but in the middle something is still keeping it together. I have no idea what it is and I would not want to force anything until I could take a look at how it actually clips to the keyboard.

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@zooole on the older models, there was also a metal bar(s) on the larger or special keys (shift, space, cmd, etc), however, the butterfly mechanism has a dome in the centre under the key, so you are right not to force it.

If you are able to shine a torch under for a better view, go for it. If not, I would recommend leaving it until someone releases a proper guide for the different types of key. If the dome is destroyed, it pretty much will need the whole keyboard, so not worth the risk.

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