cannot find a replacement backlight

hi,I've been trying to get a replacement backlight for my asus f7se and just can't find one anywhere.Iive in the u/k and nomatter what sort of search I do I can't find anything.can anyone please suggest somewhere to try,being a pensioner I'm loath to throw it away just for a backlight.


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Just verifying that it is the actual backlight itself and not the power supply to the backlight that is the problem?

The backlight power from the inverter board (separate board in your laptop) is controlled by a lid switch directly in the backlight circuit path or and I'm not sure of this option is used in this model, software controlled on/off of power by lid switch operation.

There is also this website that may be of some help in getting the actual backlight. Scroll through to find the one suitable for your laptop. Apologies if you have already been here.

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Can you clarify are you looking for a display backlight or keyboard backlight? In both, it is easier to replace the LCD, or the whole keyboard.

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sorry I meant display backlight.

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@shrike we hear you loud and clear. This particular screen apparently only uses one CCFL. As @avanteguarde stated it might be cheaper to repalce the complete assembly but it somehow seems to be a shame to discard it just because of a bad CCFL. Have you removed it yet and taken some measurements? Post some images of the actual CCFL if you can so we can try to assist you finding it. Use this guide to post some images.

I previously dealt with this company and found it reasonable, but it may be prohibitive for you since you are located in the UK. I am certain that there are shops like that in your country as well. Let us know once you have the CCFL and you can measure it.

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