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iPod won't boot pass the apple logo and home button is broken, help?

When I'm trying to open my iPod touch 5th gen (which is fully powered off), it starts booting but even if its booting my device shut itself down after a minute. During that time, we only see the Apple logo. With this, my home button is broken. Anyone can help me fix this issue with my beloved phone ???

P.S : My battery has a very low lifetime due to longtime use. Also, when i put my iPod on the charge it opens on the apple logo then it crashes and it doesn't try it again.

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Bonjour Jérémy. My initial suspicion would be that you have a bad battery. If it can no longer hold a charge, then it will attempt to boot and then fail.

You could possibly have a problem with the charging circuit on the logic board but the battery is the obvious thing to try first. Also insure that you are using genuine cables and chargers as they can cause damage to the charging circuit.

You could buy a battery here.

iPod touch (5th Gen) Replacement Battery 이미지


iPod touch (5th Gen) Replacement Battery


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