Why is my tablet acting odd?

My tablet will not let me use the keyboard. It will choose apps on its own. I am about ready to trash it.

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Sounds like its time to save all your data and do a factory reset


Hope this helps

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I have the same problem where the screen is cracked and only one portion of the screen works, the mouse on the keyboard seems to have a mind of it's own (randomly clicking on things), sometimes clicking certain things won't work right away, and things start moving around on it's own. Like, if I'm on YouTube, then the video will start moving where it's at (going to the bottom right corner instead, but failing). I've done a factory reset twice, and noting helped.

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Hi @xcreativetouchx ,

You might have a faulty digitizer that is causing a 'ghost touching' effect (touchscreen - you did mention that a screen is cracked, presumably the digitizer and not the LCD screen.) Check online for how to replace the digitizer in your tablet. Also use the model number to check for replacement digitizer suppliers. Search for "RCA (your model number) digitizer part"

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