Why am I having problems starting my mower?

Sometimes it will start but, most times we have to jump it. The engine engages because you can see it turn. Sometimes manaly turning it helps it start. The battery is new, all electrical has been checked. Fuel line and carburetor are clear. There is a click when the key is turned and sometimes there is a pop when the engine starts to engage. My husband says it's not the fuse or it wouldn't start to begin with.

Once it starts and runs for a while we have the same problem if we turn it off. Even with the engine still warm. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, kbp

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@kbp1 ,Kathy, If battery good and strong, starter is good, your problem most likely is the engine needs the valves adjusted which helps with compression release when engine is being cranked to start,(quite common on overhead valve engines). If the engine turns over nice and fast with spark plug out, valves usually need adjusted. See below a video link showing the problem and the fix possibly. The other 2 links show the valve clearance spec's for both the Briggs and Kohler engines as you do not state your model #. If after adjusting the valves does not correct the issue, there could be a problem with the compression release mechanism on the engines cam, which would require the engine be dismantled to access. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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Thank you for the information.

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@kbp1, Kathy, welcome! Thanks for posting back.

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