Door spring doesn't have enough torque to open the door

Hi all,

I've got a Sharp Carousel R-530 EST Microwave with the door that does not open when I push the open button. When I push the open button, I see the switch lever working and it looked like the spring was missing. I have ordered the door spring but when I put the spring in the middle piece of the open button, it doesn't have enough torque to push the switch lever up to open the door. Where is door spring supposed to go in order for it to have enough torque to open the door? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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pictures speak a thousand words and may help diagnose this a bit easier. got any?

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Looking at the parts diagram here, click on door panel box there is a door spring (Item # 3-34 on drawing) and a latch spring (item # 5-3 on drawing). The door spring looks like it is just there to 'push' the door release button itself back to its' normal position.

The door release button when pushed in raises the door catch release in the body of the microwave. This lifts the door latch over the retaining lugs and then the door latch spring pulls the door latch hook in the door back down and out of the way of the catch. The door button only has to push the catch release up far enough to disengage the door latch lugs from the door catch If the catch is not being pushed up far enough to disengage then perhaps the door button itself is faulty or the catch is binding.

With the door open check that there is restore spring tension on the door latch hook. Raise the door latch hook by hand and it should spring back down of its own accord.

If it doesn't either the spring has become disconnected or the latch (item #5-2) is broken.

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