Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Why does Pokemon Pearl Version get read by my 3DS, but not play?

I have a Pokemon Pearl cartridge, and my 3DS will read it, but it won't play.

Pearl's "Region identifier" thing: NTR-APAE-USA.

It's in a grey cartridge case, but I don't know what the problem is.

I've tried it in my DS Lite, and it gives a "Data could not be read" when booting the game up.

3DS gives a message similar to the DS Lite's "An Error has occurred, Please turn off the system and refer to the instructions manual."

(The errors are shortened in the post, BTW.)

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does any of ur other games work

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Yeah, it's just Pokemon Pearl.

It works on the New N3DS XL though.

Sadly the New N3DS XL that I have isn't actually mine, I'm just keeping it for a friend who has to travel really far for a few weeks, and I was told not to touch it.

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well sorry I couldn't help but that is very puzzling. I have never heard of that before. First time for everything though I guess

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Are the gold contacts on the cartridge damaged or dirty?

If so, clean with alcohol or a very slightly damp cloth (make sure it's completely dry before putting back in to the console).

If the contacts are clean then your probably looking at a component of the board in the cart being damage in which case there isn't much you can do.

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Oh yeah, never thought of that! I'll be sure to clean those.

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