samsung 64inch keeps blowing safety switch

Hi all I have a samsung 64inch that blows the safety switch to the house every time try to turn it on. I think it maybe the power board does any one have any suggestions that it could be some thing else. I have also noticed a blown fuse to

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Tests to isolate where the problem is.

Switch off the wall outlet and powerboard (if it has switches).

Remove the powerboard from the outlet and plug the TV directly into the wall outlet. Switch on wall outlet

Switch on the TV.

If safety blows:

Switch off the outlet, reset the safety switch, remove the TV from the outlet and plug another electrical appliance directly into the same power outlet and switch on e.g. an electric kitchen kettle. (make sure that it has enough water in it).

If safety blows

Wall outlet is the problem. Call an electrician

If safety doesn't blow:

Switch off outlet, plug in powerboard, plug kettle into powerboard and switch on.

If safety blows

Powerboard is the problem.

If it is the powerboard, replace it. Most powerboards are designed as 'sacrificial' and are irreparable.

If safety doesn't blow:

TV is the problem.

A safety switch operating indicates that there is a circuit path between the active line in the supply and earth which shouldn't be there.

It is designed to save a life by preventing appliances becoming 'live' on the exposed areas, which should be connected to earth if the unit is not double insulated.

If you do not know what to look for as far as electronic/electrical circuits are concerned, I strongly recommend that you leave it to the experts. Call a reputable, professional TV repair service and ask for a quote for a repair.

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thank you for your very in depth reply. I am about to do exactly what you said now. I will let you know what happens

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yup it is the power board splarks flew out of the silver box that connects the cord to wall outlet. Thanks heaps again Now i know for certain it is the power board

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Good news. It's certainly cheaper than a TV repair or a new TV.

Just for your information. If or when you get a new powerboard and there are going to be spare outlets available on the board, also buy some safety covers to stop dust from entering the spare outlets. Over time and in humid conditions it may (stress may only) cause a problem. Usually happens because the powerboard is facing up and dust settles in. If powerboard is on its' side it isn't so much of a problem. The moisture get into the dust and an electrical path is created if the dust extends between the contacts. That is why you may have seen the power companies occasionally spraying the insulators on the power poles to remove the dust, for the same reason. Although perhaps more in drier climates as Mother Nature usually does it in wetter areas.

Here is a link to what I mean.

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