Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld that can be played on the TV or on the go.

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What's a safe way to slightly bend the rail into shape?

My Switch unit has a slightly mis-shapen rail, in that the 'prongs' which hold onto the joycon, are uneven by just a hair. This allows the joycon to wiggle slightly when in handheld form. I'm not sure how sturdy the metal they use is, but I wanted to find a way that I could fix the rail, without having to send my unit in, and lose all my progress in my games.

(Why Nintendo. Why.)

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Just to be clear I would send it in if I were you.

That being said, if those metal channels are bent you can use a small pair of needle nosed pliers to bend them back in place. Just be sure to put something between the rails and the pliers so you don't mark up the could use a thin cloth or thin cardboard. You'll have to be very careful and bend with precision to get it in the form it needs to be in. This is no easy task in most cases so that's why I would just either exchange it or send it for repairs.

Hope this helps.

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I'm trying to avoid sending it in for an RMA, as according to Nintendo, if they have to replace my device I'll lose my data, and it would take over 3 weeks. I mainly wanted to see if the rails were pliable enough so bending them wouldn't cause them to snap.

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You could probably do it but honestly I would just send it in if it was mine. It's going to be hard to bend them without marking them up.

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It came out like 3 days ago. How much game data could you have?

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I agree with @pccheese George:

Frankly I wouldn't bother with sending it in for a repair. At three days old, get buyer remorse and go get your money back, pick up a new one, test it at the store and take it home if it works.

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