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Wifi - Periodic "No internet connection", Reboot to Fix

Periodically, my iPhone 5s will lose its connection to Wifi. When I go into Settings, it recognizes my Wifi network, and is trying to automatically connect to it (because it is a known network). However, underneath the network name the phone displays "No Internet Connection", and will never connect. After rebooting, the phone will connect to Wifi when I unlock the phone and go back to the wifi menu in settings (It will display LTE until I physically go into the wifi menu), but the process will start all over again after a while (e.g. 24 hours).

There has been no water damage or drops. Phone is in good condition. The wifi network is working normally, because other devices are connected and receiving regular internet service (e.g. Computers, amazon echo, apple TV, etc. - devices without cellular service).

Any thoughts?

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First of all, try to restore it through iTunes. If the problem is still there then you would probably have to troubleshoot it on a hard-ware level. As far as I know it's most likely something faulty on the motherboard when it comes to these wifi "sometimes" problems. If it had to do with the antenna the problem would most likely always be there.

Also, if you restore it through iTunes and it turns gray then its definitely something related to the wifi-chip.

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