Phone won't wake up or shuts off

I have tried everything! Reset my phone, ran it in safe mode and it still shut down or would take forever to come back on.

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How long have you had the phone?

There is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the phone.

Since you have tried a reset (I presume by this, that you mean a factory restore or hard reset) and it still didn't resolve the problem, I suggest that you verify the purchase date on the sales receipt or the proof of purchase document and if the phone is still within the warranty period, consult the warranty statement in the documentation that came with the phone as to what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If you cannot find the documentation, search online for Moto G4 Play warranty for your country.

If you do decide to do this and if it it still possible, factory reset the phone before you hand it over, that way your privacy is better protected as all your personal data etc, will have been erased from the phone. Also remember to remove the SIM card and external SD Card (if any inserted) as well

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