Why not find a boot from DVD/CD in the boot options list

I'm Trying to install my windows 10 on the new Dell inspiron 3531, I can't find a boot from the Disk option only booting from hard drive

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By default there is NO Optical Disc Drive physically installed in a Dell 3531

That is why there is no option in BIOS.

Has your model got one installed?

Looking at the specs of your laptop online and also including the service manual, not one mentions that it has a DVD or CD drive installed.

The slot for the DVD/CD drive is a blank or filler.

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop. On p.17 it details how to remove the Optical drive filler.


Here are just two reviews of your laptop.

This one says none installed

This one shows images of laptop, with no DVD/CD drive mentioned

If you wish to install Win 10, go to the Windows website and download the Win 10 ISO to USB. You should already have the product key that came with the disc. Then boot from the USB option instead.

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