A1708 / EMC 2978 — 2016년 10월 출시, 이 기본 레벨 MacBook Pro는 (OLED Touch Bar가 아닌) 기존의 function keys를 유지합니다. Function Keys 버전은 Intel Core i5 및 Thunderbolt 3 포트 2 개를 포함합니다.

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Screws for the bottom?


I'm searching for screws to my bottom plate for my MacBook Pro 2016 13" with function keys.

I have been looking everywhere and I can't find any.

One of the old ones did get stripped somehow, it littlery fall a part by it self when I did unscrew and then screw it back.

I did only unscrew and then screw it back in as my mbp did wobble on the table.

The mbp don't wobble any more but if someone unscrew that screw again they can't use it again.

And I guess that if I need to use the warranty I can't do that now as the screw is damage I guess.

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It's under warranty. Just take it to an Apple store and ask for a replacement. Just out of curiosity, what were you doing taking it out in the first place?

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Well, I don't think they will accept it under warranty now as they will notice one of the screws are damaged (stripped) that's why I wondering if it's possible to buy spare part screws for the bottom plate?

i thought that I could try fix it by my self because I did not manage to drive for two hours again to replace it because of this smal issue - stupid thing to do I know.

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Just tell them the screw was falling out. This does not void your warranty.

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@calby what @mayer said is your only option at the moment, checked with my suppliers and there are no bottom screws available for any of the new models yet.

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@mayer @reecee Ok, but the screw is in the case so for know it's not a issue the issue is IF someone should unscrew it they can't screw it back in, but I want to replace it sooner then later but if I do get any kind of issue I just unscrew it and if someone ask I have not notice that a screw is missing then. But hopefully some spare screws 'll get realised to the market - and hopefully my MBP 'll never break either ;)

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@reecee I did send a mail to many different providers and finally did get the screws all six of them for 50 Euro, yeah it was a bitt expensive but just to don't Getty any trouble in the future it's worth it. So the screws are available. It comes in 3 set, 2 Screw, Bottom Case, Silver, Front Center / 2 Screw, Bottom Case, Silver, Back Corner and 2 Screw, Bottom Case, Silver, Front Corner

I did also order a better P5 screwdriver from iFixit so I'm sure that it works flawless.

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