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Power to Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive

when i plug in the power every thing stopped and notting hapens

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Can you give us some more details? Are you using an internal or external HD? What exactly do you mean by everything stopped? What was going that stopped when you plugged into power?

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This maybe a stupid question but did you attach the power supply to the HDD the right way round.

As others have said does the PC boot without the HDD attached?

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thanks for response yes it is internal hard drive seagate 7200 just put power it turn computer off

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So your computer turns off as soon as you turn it on? Did this start immediately after installing a new hard drive? What model of computer is the hard drive in?

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Trying to understand the last comment

Did you plug the hard drive in whilst the computer was turned on? as you say plugging the HD in turned the computer off.

Or does it now not power on since you've plugged the Seagate in? If so have you tried powering it up without the HD plugged in? Have you tried a different AC lead, or double checking it is seated correctly.

To also assist which machine have you fitted a new drive to?

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