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Are there tricks to get into DFU or recovery?

Hi everybode,

I have a iphone 5s that's impossible to get into DFU or recovery. I know how to enter it but for now it's have a BLOD (endless bootloop). My home key is working but after flashing 10% of latest firmware (then it gave me error 9 on itunes by a fault by me in the hosts file) over the firmware that's still on the iphone. My battery is empty too for now.

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Check if you have long screw damage first. Sounds like you do. Have you repaired it before?

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seems me strong... that screws are screwed off and never screwed in anymore and before repair never opened the iphone

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i think that's firmware damage by older FW (original iphone) then 10 percent of recent ipsw installed so never anymore drivers on the iphone. i was asking this topic because is there a way INSIDE the iphone to force it to recovery / DFU mode???

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I'm not aware of any physical trigger for DFU mode other than the usual method o f holding down the power and home buttons. I'd refer to this article to make sure you're following the procedure correctly:

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