MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display, 모델 A1502의 2015년 3월 업데이트는 5세대 Intel Core i5 및 i7 프로세서를 포함하며 Force Touch 트랙 패드를 소개합니다.

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What Is this Spot On the Retina Display?

I've had this weird spot in the middle of my display that appears to be a stain (like the 'staingate' issue), but I'm not quite sure what it it, or how it got there. While cleaning the display today with Whoosh! cleaner, the spot appears to have gotten a bit more noticeable. Would this issue get worse, or even be possible to remove without replacing the whole screen? Thanks!

Block Image

Block Image

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It is not very clear. If it looks like it is peeling, then yes this will increase in size.

At this date Apple is running a program for some models and will replace the screen assembly for free.

Have it checked at the nearest AASP or Apple Store, see what they tell you.

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Thanks. I'll have to check with them, because I am under warranty, and it's good that there's a program for this issue anyway. The only reason I'm nervous to do that is because I took in a 2014 MacBook Pro to an Apple store and it was returned to me with a very lose display. It was my fault for waiting too long to take it back and get it fixed.

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Yes I've seen them do mistakes.

As for the display, cosmetic issues are usually not covered by their warranty. And I was told this is considered a cosmetic issue. However, their replacement program should cover it and/or they may decide to cover it under the normal warranty.

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Thanks. I'll take it into an Apple store soon!

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