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What mother board should I use to replace damaged one?

Computer was dropped. When researching there seem to be a lot of mother boards which one do I need

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Are you sure it's the motherboard? What is wrong with it?

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Ray Allen help us to help you. Identify your MacBook Air by either the serial number on here or by posting it with your question. The MBA comes in an 11" and 13" variance and the 2013 is a bit vague as well. This is really not a situation where you want to guess. You also might want to consider letting us know what happened to your original logicboard and what makes you think it is broken. Not that it is not, but consider that some of those are repairable.

The easies and best way to check which board you need is by using the 820-XXXX number silkprinted on the board. If you use that, you know that you get the proper board.

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After my grandaughter swept it off the table it landed on the ceramic tiled floor and when power button is pressed it seems to start up and you can hear the Apple chime but all with a blank screen. There seems to be a hairline crack on the GPU which I believe cannot be replaced hence a new motherboard. The model No of the computer is A1496.

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Looks like A1496 is the battery for a MBA 13" Mid 2013 if that is your model you could get a logic board from places like this

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Thanks oldturkey03 will look into it

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