Repair guides and support for the ZTE n817, also known as the ZTE Quest.

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Why can't I play high graphic games? And how can I fix it so that I ca

I just got my free ZTE N817 phone. And it won't like me play high graphic games like, yu-gi-oh, pokemon duel, or any rpg games. And I want to know how to fix that

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Unfortunatly this phone has relatively low Specs

The RAM is only 512gb and therefore wont run many taxing games well.

Some ways to make the most of your ram:

- Download and run CCleaner

- Uninstall unused apps

- Stop Apps that are running; that arnt required

- Turn down the graphics settings (if possible) in the games

- Remove live wallpapers (if youre using one)

- Close all tabs in chrome (may not help that much but worth a try)

Hope you are able to play your games more comfortably after trying some of these fixes

Best of luck,


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Thanks that was really helpful it worked on fixing it for about an hour ago maybe it's just my phone. Thank you though it did work a little might just have to get a sd card

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