server unknown error message, unable to print test page

Original problem began with Printer being Offline. Deleted printer several times, and added it back in. Apparently that doesn't actually delete the printer as now in my print menus I have multiple printers listed, none of which work. Only one printer is listed under printer devices in control panel. I can get information on ink levels, so communication to the printer does not seem to be the problem. It is the documents getting stopped in the printing process. (all of this worked last week before I lost internet access for 4 days. When internet came back, printer did not work.)

Can not print a test page. The document gets stuck in quequ, however if i restart the computer, as it shuts down the page prints to the wirelessly connected printer, so there is clearly a communication path which is open, just stuck somewhere. The current error message when the test page does not print is Server Unknown.

I have tried restarting the spooler. No help.

Printer responds to a "ping"

Network is wireless.

Not sure how to completely uninstall the printer and start over with a fresh installation, if this is even the best approach.

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The following usually works for Epsons:

1) turn off the printer

2) power cycle the Wireless Router (Unplug the power, count to 30, plug it back in)

3) I know you said you have done this before, remove all instances of the WF4630

-- In Windows go to Control Panel --> Devices and Printers --> Remove it all here.

-- In Control Panel --> Programs or Add/Remove Programs --> Uninstall all Epson related software

-- Restart the computer

-- If you are using a Mac go to Settings --> Printers and remove all Epson Instances

-- On a Mac, although OS X will grab drivers for you and install the printer, has a better version with more features.

4) Turn the Epson printer back on. Make sure it can connect to the Wireless Router and obtain an IP. It should have a menu setting to check connection.

5) Reinstall the drivers.

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