Replacement Hard Drive Does Not Power Up

I bought a Seagate Momentus XT for my Macbook Pro. I installed it as per the detailed instructions, but it does not appear to be starting up. The Seagate has a spot for a power cable, which the original drive did not have. The Macbook does not have a power cable, so I'm not sure what to do. I bought this drive specifically because several people have said it worked fine in their Macbook, so perhaps I have a bad drive, but I'm not sure.

I put the original drive back in to confirm I did everything correctly and it started up fine.

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Have you talked to your sources who recommended this drive?

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According to the writeup at it should work. Its designed to work in any SATA computer so I wonder if the power connection you see is for someone like me building computers and having a limited supply of SATA power ports to connect to a regular power connection. You would not want to connect both. Did you partition and format the drive before installing? Here is a link from Apple on installing--hope it helps.

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you are correct, it has both power connections. He probably forgot to format the new drive.

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