Computer screen goes blank, and if sound is on it plays white noise

At first I thought it was an overheating issue, but it happens pretty much right away sometimes, with the laptop almost stone cold. It only seems to happen if I attempt to multi-task, as in have a browser open while listening to music etc. And as I said, if sound is playing it becomes just white noise, fuzzy. If theres nothing playing then it remains quiet. The screen goes black, but is still lit up. The only way I've found to stop it is to turn the laptop off and on again by holding the power button, but it's incredibly annoying as I lose anything I have open at the time, so I'm hoping maybe there's an solution to this without having to replace it.

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Is the fan running when it shuts down? If theres no fan it will shut down on its own even if its not hot . Is the GPU a Radeon or Nvidia? Just a couple things to try , pull the memory out and run it one stick at a time and try it in different slots . Could be a memory issue .You can also check the event viewer and see if it sheds any light on your problem.

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