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Fridge is cold one week, warm another. Help please

I have an LG fridge runs beautifully for 2 weeks, in which after that time span, the freezer stays cool, but the fridge starts warming up, i can feel it every time i open the door.

I have cleaned up the coils on the bottom, cleaned the back, i have changed the Control Board in the back, changed the defrost thermostat and have done the 24 off cycle, numerous times each time i attempted to fix it. Its a new fridge, at least 2010 is to me.

I have attached some pics, any help would be great. Thank you

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Are the defrost heaters working?

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Are the defrost heaters working?

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What is the model number of the fridge?

Check that the evaporator fan in the back of the freezer compartment (inside behind a panel at the back, not the fan outside that is the compressor fan) is not getting iced up and prevented from operating. Is it running at all when the fridge seems warm (can you hear it as it will stop when the doors are open?

If it is iced up that is why the freezer is cold (ice buildup on evap unit in freezer behind panel and perhaps freezer compartment itself looks frosty, like an old fashioned ice chest) and the fridge is warm because fan cannot push cold air throughout fridge.

Ice build up occurs either because during defrost cycle (which is a timed event - occurs once every 8-12 hrs - maker dependent)1. defrost heater is faulty and all ice is not melted, therefore gradual build up as every time more ice is added and not melted in defrost cycle 2. defrost thermostat is faulty 3. control board is faulty.

Defrost cycle lasts about 20-30 minutes, temp in freezer rises from 0F (-18C) up to 34F (2C) to allow ice to melt, helped by heater. Then compressor started to drive temp back down to required setting. Of course there are thermostats for the fridge and freezer to monitor the temps to either maintain the compressor running or to turn it off this is done by the control board.

Also there are no attached pics or at least I cannot see any.

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