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HDMI input no signal

I have a Samsung UN40HU6950 4K Smart TV. The HDMI inputs 1, 2 and 4 which support 4:2:2 YCbCr color mode at 3840x2160 60hz intermittently work. HDMI input 3 only supports 4:2:0 YCbCr color mode at 3840x2160 60hz always works. If I change the signal source from any of the 4:2:2 inputs to another input, all 4:2:2 inputs will stop working until the TV is turned off and on again via the remote. Occasionally turning the TV off and back on again wont work and the TV will have to have the power cable removed and plugged back in again before the 4:2:2 inputs will start working. I'm using this TV with two different PCs, each utilizing Nvidia GTX 980 GPUs, and each has their own HDMI 2 cable so I can safely rule out the cable or signal source as being the problem.

Unfortunately my unit is out of warranty. Is there anything which can be done about this? Such as replacing a board or a component level repair? I'm comfortable doing it myself and soldering. Are there service manuals or block diagrams available?

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Hi, I assume that you have been through the internet and seen this.

.... TV settings, MENU, PICTURE and the HDMI UHD colour and set it to ON for you input (HMDI 1 etc). It sets the tv to receive 4:4:4 color... from this link which may be of interest.

Also have read on other threads but cannot find it in the user manual, that you turn on the Color Space setting to auto.

Also you may have noticed that there is a firmware update dated Dec 2016. I haven't downloaded it to find if there is a readme file attached which explains what the update does. Scroll down to downloads

If you have done this or know already about what is in the above link, apologies

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UHD color is already set. And on this model is does NOT support 4:4:4 color at 60hz, only 30hz. As I mentioned the TV works fine until the input is changed. The only way to get it to successfully change inputs is to change it, then turn it off and back on again.

The Dec '16 firmware update was applied to it months ago.

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