Apple의 MacBook Air 13" 2015년 5월 업데이트에는 5 세대 Intel Core i5 및 i7 프로세서가 성능과 배터리 수명을 약간 향상시켰습니다.

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thermal paste replacement one or both chips?

Hi I recently took apart my MBA because of a coffee spill. Cleaned it up and it is up and working again. However, when I took apart the heat sink I put thermal paste on both the small square chip and the long rectangular chip. I had a feeling I should have only put the rectangular chip. Having put thermal paste on both will this be an issue or should I open it up and redo it?

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It would help to see what you put the paste on.

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see Conor's pick of the heat sink. I put paste on both the red and rectangular chips he has highlighted with red marking

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You can only put TOO much thermal paste on if it's over flowing and is on the board touching transistors or any part of the main board. Putting thermal paste between a heat sink and the component under it should be fine.

Block Image

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Hi Conor, thanks for the reply. I am very green about PCs and have taken in a lot of info in the last few days after spilling coffee on my MBA keyboard, so please forgive my ignorance. I just want to be sure that I haven't created another problem that will show up down the road. The heat sink has two chips underneath it, a small square and rectangular chip. I vaguely recall only finding thermal paste under the rectangular chip. However, I followed the ifixit vid for reapplying the paste and in haste applied it on both chips. If the thermal paste was only applied on the rectangular chip by Apple, will there be an issue if there is thermal paste on the square chip which originally did not have any?

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What is the name of your thermal paste?

In general, as long as you haven't poured it all over the place you'll be fine.

People like to think applying thermal paste is an exact science, it really isn't.

I've edited my original post with an image.

Let me know if it helps.

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Arctic Silver 5

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and no I didn't put too much, just enough to cover the shiny chips with no overflow on the surrounding area

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Sounds like you dun did a good job!

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