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Not shutting 0ff ewhen cycle is completed

Code c with reverse C shows in time box at end of cycle and dryer does not shut off

amana dryer NED2700TW

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pgbock is it a NED2700TW or a NED7200TW

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pgbock the C with an invert C does not show up in the manual at all. There are a few reasons while your dryer may not shut of

Will Not Shut Off

• Short in Sensor Circuit.

• Check Membrane Pad.

• Check Electronic Control Board.

Troubleshooting the electronic control circuit:

• Check for miswiring of the electrical connector at the electronic control board.

For the reason Try to run the diagnostic test and see if it gives you a valid code. Use this document NED7200TW techsheet to see how to run the tests and what they mean

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