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Turning off after turning on

My laptop Acer5741g when I press a bottom of turning on after just 3second it tuned off like when the temperature is over heated

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Could be the Bios has a setting that has changed and is now incompatable with system. You could try removinging the CMOS battery for 10 Minutes and if possible clear the CMOS. This is easy with a desktop, but hard with most laptop as it requires dissasembly and the "Clear CMOS" jumpers are not always easy to identify . So if you do this remove the cmos battery will clear the bios and set it back to the original settings. Hope this helps

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I never would have thought of that. Jimfixer, I hope that you could join my new team. You see, I created a new "Master Techs" because to many people that didn't know anything about fixing and didn't actually participate in the ifixit community where joining the old one. I thought you and @oldturkey03 might help boost our reputation. Again, I would be honored if you would both join.

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Has anyone seen @mayer lately? I haven't noticed any questions being answered by him within the last couple months.

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@pccheese Even if you dont see then answering questions doesn't mean there not there. mayer and ot are here most of the time doing there due diligence as moderators. They review questions and answer your inquiry's and remove the spam. There definitely very busy guys

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@pccheese, @jimfixer is right. Since we now have a great bunch of people answering question and are hanging around like @jayeff @gigabit87898 @lpfaff1 and of course you two, it has become a little easier to do the mods and focus on some other issues. I am in the process of working on some guides and @mayer is probably getting ready to do some more fishing. We are definitely around and are keeping an eye on things:-)

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@pccheese I'm still around just as much as ever, just not as visual. And I'm keeping a very close eye on YOU! ;-)

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