My touchpad doesnt work because it was on windows 7. help?

So I bought this computer a year ago and it had windows 10 os built on it but my brother in law reimaged the computer to run on windows 7 and it did not have a driver for the touchpad on windows 7 but I just re-updated the computer back to 10 but when I go to hardware it doesn't even recognize the touchpad and I need it working again. what do I have to do?

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1) install this file:

2) then install this file:

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file one worked and downloaded, but file two said that some of the processes did not finish as expected. suggestions?

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Have you tried restarting the computer and trying to install the second file again?

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still didnt work. any other suggestions?

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Make sure your private files are all saved somewhere other than the computer itself.

Hold down "Shift" while restarting the computer. This should bring up a Windows 10 repair screen. There should be some options to repair and reinstall. See if there is a restore to factory settings. If not, you may need to do a complete reinstall. Hopefully your brother didn't erase the factory recover partition when originally installing Windows 7.

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