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Facebook sync problem with 5.1 stock droid

Dear friends,

Account added in phone settings "done"

App settings: Continuous Contact Uplode "done"

Contact >> Accounts >> Add new, select facebook

>> "only one facebook account is supported"

Can you help me? I don't know how should fix it.

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Go to settings --> Applications --> Facebook --> Force Stop --> Clear Data

Restart the phone, and download the update first from the play store.

See if this fixes your issue.

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I tried it, sorry, but this is not solution. The update is worked, the result is "only one facebook account is supported". I have another phone, Lumia 830. If the lumia connected with facebook, is it a problem or this has nothing to do? Btw I using the messenger app of course.

Now I wanna migrate to android from windows phone. When I add a new contact, picked the name from fb accounts, just WP add a phone number to outlook contacts and connect fb and outlook contact record. I wanna it on my android :)

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