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SAMSUNG Galaxy Note won't turn on

My SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 2014 (tablet) got left on a bumpy bus today but I was lucky enough to get it back. When I got it back the screen was severely blinking and flickering so I attempted to restart the device. The screen did not come on but the button lights did and it vibrated when I took out the stylus and put it back in. No button combinations were working no matter how long I held them. I took the back off and disconnected and reconnected the battery and put back a small cord on the left hand side that got knocked loose. The tablet still does not turned on, the buttons don't light, and doesn't respond to being plugged in. Please help!

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Never mind I fixed it! If you are also having issues with your screen, remove the back and detach and reattach the black strip that goes over the battery. It should lie flat against the battery

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