Galaxy S7 Edge는 Samsung의 2016년 주력 휴대폰 Galaxy S7의 곡선형-스크린 버전입니다. 2016년 2월에 발표되었으며 3월 11일에 출시되었습니다. 모델 SM-G935.

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screen dropped,no cracks appeared, then flickering and turns black

Hi, does anybody know that S7 edge phone face down and there were no cracks but a small back spec appeared on screen. Now the phone screen is flickering and turns black when the phone overheats. Screen works perfectly but I’m not sure what is the problem. Please help determine the problem, THANKS in advance!

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Mine dropped and no cracks, but now it wants to stay black but when I press button to wake it up a bright flicker appears over the screen fraction of a second and goes black again.

Some times when trying to wake it up I get the screen up and it stays up until it goes to sleep mode and the same problem is back.

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@kaye "but a small back spec appeared " pretty indicative of a broken display. Remember that displays can break without cracking the outside glass. The only way to repair is by replacing the display. Here is a decent video that shows how to do it.

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thanks for clarifying, i'll try

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