The Envizen V100M Tablet, is a tablet PC made by Envizen Digital, a brand under Diamondking Inc. This company makes several tablets, all of which run an Android operating system.

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tablet keeping rebooting the main screen never comes on fully

I bought this envixen v100m from the pawn shop and it worked about 3 weeks and never cut back on - well it cuts on but won't go past the initial screen - just keeps rebooting the welcome ??? any suggestions?

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Hi Yolanda, It sounds like the software on the tablet may be bricked, or some sort of hardware damage possibly.

First Try This:

Then try this:

This problem sounds like a hardware issue, but before my final answer, let's check one more troubleshooting step to be sure it isn't something wrong with the software.

1. Locate the small hole on the Tablet's side. Check the picture below to locate reset hole.

Block Image

2. Unfold a paperclip and slide an end into the hole.

3. Press gently until you feel a click.

4. Tablet should restart.

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