How do I unstick the rear window shade

Rear window shade worked fine until it was in retracted mode today. Now it is stuck inside the rear seat. When I push the button to activate it only clicks. No movement.

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Well, after about 20 attempts and waiting a few days, eureka. It worked again. It is back in the up position. Now, there is no %#*@ way I am going to push the down button again

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Jimmie Jaye Wells, You made my day :-) . I hear Ya! I feel the same way some days. Sorry you were still having trouble, thanks for replying back.

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Jimmie Jaye Wells, Check to see if anything is blocking it and perhaps you could give it a gentle helping hand as a 2nd person operates the control. It could be a few things, activator, fuse(if you hear motor,fuse OK),plastic gears for up/down function misaligned/clogged/jammed or motor for shade operation faulty. If it is a bad motor, you may want to consider just having the window tinted and save a lot of cash as it is a very expensive repair. Below are some forum links that also discuss the issue. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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