Samsung Galaxy S 4G는 4-인치 AMOLED 터치 스크린 화면과 1GHz 프로세서를 장착한 Android 2.2-기반 스마트폰입니다.

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Why isnt " Downloading...Don't turn of target!"coming off my screen?

my phone is unresponsive and it's not coming on and that thing refuses to come off my screen.

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I turned off my phone now it won’t turn’s showing me a plug in to wall picture....also now the charger won’t go into the phone to charge....

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Hello Extraordinary FAB (Love your name lol)

This means that your phone is in download mode for flashing a new rom.

You can get out of this mode by removing the battery and then reinserting the battery and turning the phone back on.

If you still get to this screen it means you have a corrupt rom and will need to reflash a new stock rom.

== Warning flashing new roms will delete all data that is on the device. Flashing the wrong rom will brick (permanently damage) your device ==

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Hold down "Vol Down" and the power button until the phone restarts.

If this doesn't work, use "Vol UP" and the power button until the phone restarts.

Unless you have issues with your Vol buttons this should work.

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