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Are magsafe 1 og magsafe 2 replacement cables interchangeable?

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I have bought 8 used and defective Mac power adaptors. My intend is to change the cable on all of them (the one that is going from the adaptor itself to the computer), two of them has the iBook charger plug, and the rest has Magsafe 1. Is it possible to change the cable to a Magsafe 2 cable, are is it not compatible?

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While I applaud efforts to recycle, there is a point when one does need to throw in the towel. Sadly, this is one of those cases.

To start with Apple does not offer any replacement parts for the chargers so anything you find is from a clone maker! There have been a lot of issues with the parts these folks are selling in addition the amount of work to even open the charger up and reseal so it's not to be a safety risk makes the endeavor highly questionable! Even splicing the cables midway is not smart as you put your system at risk if the wires short. And stay way from the cloned chargers as they are not correctly constructed two people have died from electrocution and scores of fires have been caused as well.

Remember you put your self at risk legally if someone gets hurt or if a fire is started from your actions.

I would strongly recommend you just toss the units and get a real Apple unit if you need a new charger your self.

Some references:

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