The BLU Life 8 is a smartphone based on Android 4.2. It is equipped with a 5" display with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

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Accidentally choose factory reset!

How do I recover files & photos phone after factory reset?

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You can but it would cost you thousands of dollars in advanced data recovery. Unless your phone was backed up to a google account your photos are gone without paying out big money

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In settings "back up and restore data" where you would go and

It should restore almost all of your info... but you would have to

have turned on the " back up my

data" feature...if you did, set your

phone up like in the beginning and

Go to settings, touch "back up my

data" and It should.

However, if you never set it up

this is not an option. You will have

to start over...this time don't forget to turn on your "back up

my data" feature.

Also if you have a memory card in

now...check on your memory card.

Hope you get it all worked out!


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It doesn't work like that. Photo's backup has to be enabled separately.

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Assuming you were using Google Photos app, and you did turned on the 'backup and sync' feature for this app, you can simply go to and your photos would be there.

Alternatively, if you had an SD card in the phone, and were storing photos, a reset would not have wiped the photos there. You would have immediately seen those using the Google Photos app.

If neither of these were done, unfortunately, it isn't possible without thousands of dollars of forensic recovery tools to get back your photos.

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