Support for gas-powered and electric golf cart, sometimes referred to as golf cars, or club cars after the Club Car Golf Cart brand.

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Won't run replaced the solenoid battery changed and it's gas powered

Ok need help replaced the solenoid and not sure of the next step bought it not running any ideas please

Update (03/31/2017)

2001 ezgo txt replaced the solenoid thinking that might be it but it's not. When you by pass it it fires but I work on cars not golf carts lol

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Candi, you have to help us out here with more info. year/make/model/engine size, does the engine turn over/crank and just does not start or does the engine do nothing(no crank), the more info you can give, the better chance of help getting it resolved.

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@candi13 what exactly is it that your golf cart does? Does the engine crank over when you try to start it? Does it fire when you try to start it? Has it ever run? Did anything happen to it that you know off? You bypass the solenoid and it fires or it turns over?

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It turns over but won't start. We recently just bought it from a friend that drove it for work at the school. Ran fine but then he said it stopped I'm not sure of the details of how it's my husbands toy I'm just really trying to help give him ideas bc he really wants to use it for our property

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@candi13 , Candi , If the engine is not cranking and you are getting power to the starter the problem may be in the starter itself. I'd check to make sure that the electrical connections are solid and battery fully charged. You might get lucky and get it to start by rapping on the starter's case with a hammer or wrench as it may be stuck from sitting. Below are some trouble shooting links that may help. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

UPDATE 04 02 2017

Candi, Tell him to spray a little fuel/stater fluid into carburetor and if it starts and runs until the added fuel runs out,the problem will be in the fuel system bad fuel pump if equipped, bad fuel,clogged line/carburetor/etc.

If it does not start, get a new spark plug and check for good spark with plug connected to plug wire and grounding plug on metal engine(look for spark between the gap of plug), if no spark electrical issue, check for and clean bad wire/broken,pinched/corroded/loose connection, bad ignition coil/switch, safety switch malfunction, igniter box if equipped,sheard key on fly wheel throwing timing/ignition out, etc..

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